A cast lead alloy 240-grain, .44-caliber bullet is rolled in Johnson wax, allowed to dry and then loaded in a .44 Magnum case with 6.0 to 8.5 grains of powder like Unique or Universal. That is, if you can match the bullet to the bore. Syntech polymer jacket technology reduces the friction and leading that plague hard cast bullets. Both are N-frames with trim 6 ½-inch barrels. In 1955, the .44 Magnum was introduced and became “the king of the hill.” The .41 Mag was introduced in 1964 in the S&W Model 58. Cast Performance LBT Series gas-checked cast bullets. The 250-grain cast bullet can be loaded up to 1,400 fps for big game hunting. I am going to assume you won't be able to slug the barrel to determine bore size in order to use cast bullets well. Cast Performance 320 grain WLN. Our hard alloy combined with the most efficient bullet lube available enhances accuracy and minimizes barrel fouling. 5 Stars! Has/can 357 Magnum and 44-40 WCF be loaded with wadcutter bullets ? The Cast Bullet Association is an organization of shooters who enjoy shooting cast lead bullets in rifles and handguns for competition, hunting, or informal target shooting. Rushmore Cast Bullets feature Hi-Tec Supercoat. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories. Heeled bullets, ringtail bullets, hollow base bullets for sale. Istarted reloading in the late 1950s using the Lyman #310 Tool. This is a “Nutcracker” type of tool requiring each step in the reloading process to be accomplished very slowly. While the Keith bullet is accurate, it is not the MOST accurate .44 cast bullet … 44 Magnum bullets for reloading (projectiles) and 44 Magnum reloading brass for sale. Selections from .22-.600 Nitro calibers. Everything for old obsolete calibers and modern too! Thank you for your patience and understanding. 44-40 CAL Lead Hard Cast Bullets. A wide-meplat, heavy, hard-cast, gas-checked bullet is the best hunting bullet available in the 44 mag. We don't know if a particular bullet will fit your particular gun. It also reduces smoke production when fired as well as wax gumming of your reloading components. Great quality, very consistent and accurate! This product is a heat-cured resin coating that provides several advantages over traditional wax-lubed bullets. The author's test loads, both in .44 magnum. July 28, 2020 - Please be prepared for USPS delivery delays.. We strive to ship your order within 2 business days but have been seeing significant USPS delays in some areas that we can not contol. I used the M24 for jacketed bullet loads and the M624 with cast bullets. They had definite bullet preferences. Discover the joy of using our Hard Cast Lead Bullets and see why they are the Best. This bullet goes out to the front of a S&W cylinder. These three lead bullets make the.44 Magnum a versatile cartridge (left to righ): The 200-grain wadcutter is inexpensive and great to shoot at targets. Category: Reloading Data. Since many shooters shoot Specials in their .44 Mags for practice and plinking, I also chronographed some representative Special loads in a six-inch M29-3. 25 grains of this powder might be too hot for a "Keith Style" bullet with a shorter nose and more shank in the case, or a jacketed slug. So I have gathered all the necessary tools and supplies and plan on reloading .44 mag with IMR-4227, CCI Mag primers, and Hornady XTP 180 & 200 gr bullets. It has been modified to reflect the possible bullet sizing diameters, and differing O.A.L.s specific to Eggleston Munitions bullets. Most of these calibers use cast bullets. Recommended book is the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. Federal Solid Core Handgun Ammunition .44 Rem Mag 300 gr TSJ 20/ct …hits game harder with a tough, flat-nose lead bullet that holds together while blowing through bone, providing high weight retention and deep penetration. The Hornady 240-grain swaged lead bullet makes an easy recoiling target load at 850 fps… We do not provide load data. That's too bad, because the .44 mag is a nice cast bullet caliber whether rifle or handgun. Hand cast lead bullets for black powder and smokeless powder firearms. MAGNUS BULLET COMPANY Family owned since 1983. Magnus Bullets. Bullet on the right was smashed by the author with a hammer as described in the article. Montana meets all of these and more. Buy Lead Reloading Bullets here at Midsouth Prices from great brands like Hornady, Magnus, and Speer Bullets. I've only seriously worked with two .44 Mag rifles. Our lube has allowed us to shoot our cast bullets in test rifles as fast as 3100 fps. Hard Cast Lead Bullets All of our Superior Cast Bullets (SCB) are 'hard cast' using a tough, time-proven alloy. DBA: Rim Rock Bullets, Inc. | 35675 Minesinger Trail, Polson, MT 59860 USA | PHONE: (406) 883-1899 It completely encapsulates the lead bullet, reducing human exposure and barrel fouling. Lead Bullets . As a ammunition manufacture, we load over 400 calibers. The data shown here is slightly modified load data from Hodgdon's Load Data Center. Reloading supplies and bullet molds. Reloading the .44 Special is an uncomplicated delight. If load data for your powder or bullet is not displayed here, search for data that uses Cast Lead (CL) or Plated bullets Take it easy I am new and still a reloading virgin. Universal help to show why the 4" Model 29 is so popular. We rely on a quality products, delivery and value for our customers. Montana Bullet Works is our first go to source for rifle & hand gun bullets. Home; Contact; Shop online; About; Catalog; New Products; Test Targets/ National records; Dealers; Nashville Match Masters Gun Club; FAQ; MatchMasters photo gallery; 256-420-8610. Specializing in heavy weight for caliber gas checked bullets. I've killed a lot of stuff with the 310 True Shot g.c. My load goes 38,500 CUP in the Super Vel pressure gun. Smith & Wesson 4" .44 Magnum and targets shot with the Keith bullet and 9.0 grains of Unique and. Becoming Graf & Sons. On the left is the 300 grain WFN, on the right is the 320 grain WLN. Larger quantities receive bulk discounts and price breaks of 2 pks, 5, and 10. Our bullets do not lead your bore. BHN 12 bullets work best at up to approximately 850 fps. It will out penetrate any jacketed bullet and the wide-meplat makes it the hardest hitting bullet as well, by far. For larger quantities and special order for non-stock items, contact us as we can probably beat your current bulk dealer. My first question is one you guys probably get tired to answering. BHN 18, faster. For Load data, please EMAIL info@grizzlycartridge.com with ALL the following information; Bullet caliber AND weight, type of gun, ALL powder preferences. Shop our wide selection of bullets from brands you trust, like Hornady, Barnes, Speer and more. The world's largest selection of LBT Design, hand cast, heat treated, wide meplat bullets available. Given the great accuracy and velocity of the Hornady 240-grain HP-XTP bullets, I’m not going to worry another second about the 200-grain bullets. Hornady bullets, Bitterroot Components and Remington. The Association's central purpose is to help shooters enjoy casting bullets Online resources include hodgdon.com and loaddata.com. Available in 9mm, 40, 32, 38, 357, 38/40, 44, 44/40, 45, 45/70 Caliber Looking to reload .44 handgun rounds? Most orders ship within 24 hours (excludes firearms). Whether it's single action, or food for the 45/70, we have the Lead Bullet to fit your Reloading needs! Power-wise, the .41 Magnum falls between the .357 and .44, which puts it in a category of being powerful enough for any self-defense situation, as well as hunting. We have a large variety of lead bullets for sale from .25 caliber to .577 caliber. Literally hundreds of X-Treme SCB bullets can be fired without any decline in accuracy and without cleaning your barrel.